Rosina Hughes, Controller

Rosina Hughes manages the financial health and administration for Celta Consult’s team members and clients on a part time basis.

Rosina runs the Administrative and Financial aspects of YSM Design, a full-service architectural design firm that specializes in Automotive Branding, a niche segment that is considered leader in "Retail Branding", with over 200 new or remodeled automotive dealerships across the US. Prior to that, Rosina held a variety of positions within Bank of America, was an avid developer of software -developed CCS7 Software at Siemens in Germany, and her origins began with the design and development of customized software for small and medium sized enterprises.

Rosina graduated from the Seminario College in Uruguay and holds a Bachelor degree in Software Programming degree from the ORT Technological Institute in Uruguay. Rosina is fluent in English, Spanish and conversational German and Portuguese.


"We indeed have to be strategic and nimble in a changing world, our children will have to think multi-nationally and not just say the words but live and survive in a “Global” marketplace.  I think your business model at Celta Consult is a great example of someone who sees reality and adapts quickly."

Marty Merkler, Director Supply Chain