Our Values

Excellence: We aspire to continuous improvement and have a passionate commitment to only deliver world-class quality and competence to our clients.

Creativity: We believe ingenuity is essential to solve problems, generate new opportunities and propel success for our clients and our associates.

Ethical Accountability: Our business practices adhere to the highest ethical standards and conduct, holding ourselves accountable to each other and our clients at all times.

Objectivity: We suspend judgment and advocate constructive conversations to ensure all voices and ideas are heard, recognized and respected.

Integrity: We live by our commitment to consistently interact with each other, our clients and our community in an honest, fair and trustworthy manner.

Diversity: We are a global village, celebrating our multi-cultural experiences in an open and respectful environment, with the conviction that different perspectives, skills and traits are essential to our personal growth and our clients’ success.


"Celta Consult was a true business partner from day one completely focused on exceeding my objectives. They took the time from the start to really dig in to understand our needs and to do the due diligence required to prevent missteps. However when faced with a pan European and pan South American opportunity that was extremely time sensitive they were quick to respond not only to my needs but to the needs of my customer as well. They are truly industry and geography focus with a real expertise in both. Rudy and his team are second to none."

Paul Towler, Exec. VP Global Sales