The re-birth of Celta Consult has been spurred by the market demand of traditional industries that are wondering how they can jump onto the bandwagon of connected experiences, benefiting from: Analytics, Devices, Cloud Computing, IoT, Mobility and Security.

It is technology that drives and disrupts culture – including consumer behavior and business – and not the other way around. It is about new tools offering new functionality, reliability, convenience and cost efficiencies, an opportunity for brands to embrace and harness new disruptive technologies with the capacity to create value for their business and the consumer.

But where to start ? Not every company has the bandwidth, expertise or means to develop in-house, and even if they did, would they be successful at it? History shows that it’s not easy to innovate within big corporations, as C.Christensen describes in his best seller “Innovator’s Dilemma”.

Most brands are driven by quarterly results, they improve existing processes, but rarely take the risk to think or tackle things differently. Innovation, or at least disruptive innovation – the kind that drives growth – requires vision, nerve and patience. “If you will fail, you want to fail fast” as the entrepreneurial mantra goes.

Celta Consult provides a low risk path to non-disruptive "External Innovation”, allowing brands to experiment with “Digital Transformation”, the ability to test the market with their own customized Digital Marketing; create a go-to market strategy, develop a business case, all the way to product design, implementation and launch of a solution with perspective clients.



"Celta Consult was a true business partner from day one completely focused on exceeding my objectives. They took the time from the start to really dig in to understand our needs and to do the due diligence required to prevent missteps. However when faced with a pan European and pan South American opportunity that was extremely time sensitive they were quick to respond not only to my needs but to the needs of my customer as well. They are truly industry and geography focus with a real expertise in both. Rudy and his team are second to none."

Paul Towler, Exec. VP Global Sales